Wednesday, October 1, 2008

post something already!

How about an update?

On my diaper bag (pictured in the previous post).


My brother-in-law spotted it while he and my sis were on their way to church Saturday night. Neely hopped out, wearing her Sunday best (on Saturday, of course), and picked up my stolen diaper bag and returned it (sans camera, of course). It had been abandoned less than a mile away.


So, now you can rest your weary eyes. I know you've cried big tears over that diaper bag.

I love you all (I think?) and hope to post new stuff shortly. I have approximately 15 draft posts. Surely, I can get something tweaked and ready to post soon.


Carol said...

Wow, that is something to actually get your bag back & for a family member to find it, I'm so sorry that happened!! I had things stolen once from an apt & found some discards in the back yard.

Rachel said...

I for one AM relieved about your diaper bag.

Though I thought you were going to say that Neely saw some dude sporting your diaper bag and that she hopped out of her van to snag it. Relieved to know that she retrieved it without any physical altercations.

Kudos to Neely!

Anonymous said...

So happy for you. But hurry it up with the posts-I'm impatient!


Karla said...

So glad to hear you have your bag back, but still so sorry about your camera.

I'm looking forward to more posts!

karla said...

This is the power of the blogosphere. You are friends with Molly as am I. We had gone out for cake last night and she was telling me what a blessing your friendship was to her. As she was talking I was thanking God that ya'll have such a solid friendship. Based on her rave review of you, your incredibly solid music taste (which included Jeff Buckley!) I am here to propose that we also should possibly become friends! Anyway, hope you are well and as a knitter, I think I would have to fight the desire to gut the individual who would have stolen something I had made and actually like enough to use. Basically put, I am really not good so anything that is functional is absolutely amazing! Glad you got it back.

The OTHER Karla

Karla anne said...


Maybe I should identify myself THIS way, now, so you don't get the "karlas" mixed up!:)

Sarah's sister, Karla

Jenna said...

Dear Karla Anne,
Eventually, you'll always be on the run...changing the name...I love ya!

New Karla!
Let's be friends. Great proposal. Let's start 2008 style, and facebook friend each other. (okay. i just did. or at least, i facebook friended the karla i THINK this is.) Your comment warmed my heart. (And it made me hungry for cake.)

have a great day! to all the karlas of the world! my aunt karla, too! and even my friend carla in columbia who probably doesn't read this blog!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your camera, but really happy you got your bag back, especially because you Made it! Blessings, Whitney