Friday, October 17, 2008

my new favorite recipe

I got this from Marty (this link is to an "essential marty post"). She got this from a magazine, which is popular, but I can't remember it...not Real Simple...something with "Living" in the title maybe. Anyway, I'm digging it and I'll share it with you now. It's really easy, pretty healthy and super yummy. Oh. I have NO idea about measurements. Seriously. You can't go wrong. It's like a salad. You don't measure when you make a salad, do you? It's like that. Just go for it!

Basmati with Black Beans and Feta

Cooked Basmati rice (or any white rice, I guess...heck, try it with brown and let me know!)
1 can black beans
1 can italian diced tomatoes
1 cup (or so) or Feta
baby spinach chopped or torn (as much as you like)
fresh tomatoes diced (if you have them)

And, while the rice is still hot, stir up all that deliciousness in one big bowl and VOILA! Watch your family devour it. Seriously, all three of my kids ate the spinach with no hesitation. And Brent happily took the leftovers to work the next day.

If you'd like more crowd pleasing recipes that you can make over and over, hop over to Jenny's blog. And, Jenny, I miss you, too!!!!


Jenny said...

Was this the recipe that I sampled in your kitchen back about a month ago? no... I don't think so. just the rice thing reminded me. anyway, totally sounds like a winner.

Thanks for sharing!

Yvette said...

Ooo, that sounds good. I love black beans and any way I can get spinach into our diets is a good thing. Plus I buy those large containers of spinach at Costco, and I'm so sad when they don't get used up. Now I just need some feta.

Sarah said...

Hmmmm I like the sounds of favorite part is that your kids eat the spinach with "no hesitation." I'd love to put something down in front of them and not hear "what is this" or "how much of this do I have to eat?"

Karla Anne said...

That sounds wonderful, Jenna.

Unfortunately, I don't know if I could convince my family to try it. (Such sticklers, they are! :))

I have been sneaking raw spinach into quesadillas, though, and they love them.

keitha said...

got an indian recipes? dying for that again.

danielle said...

tried it last night. it was good. basmati rice is a must and it left me craving some good indian food!