Thursday, October 23, 2008

he said, "close your eyes and hold out your hand..."

My parents are in town. My gracious, super generous parents. But, when my Dad told me to close my eyes and hold out my hands, I wasn't expecting the thing that made this possible.

It brought tears to my eyes. They bought the same camera for me all over again!!! I didn't deserve it the first time!!!

Avery also surprised me. He made this scattin' video featuring Jillian when I wasn't around. He didn't intend this for the general audience, but gave permission for me to post it. I Love him!!!

UPDATE: Avery has totally reneged and wants me to take the video off. I'll do 24 hours. Hopefully, I'll have a good replacement by then.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE PARENTS!!! That makes me so happy for you, Jenna! YAY!

Greta said...

How awesome is that?! What a sweet set of folks you've got ;).

And I do believe your son has a future in some type of recording art.

Anonymous said...

best vid ever. do NOT take it down. live without regrets, Avery. own it, dude. that's what sara and i sound like pretty much all the time when we're alone. and you know how cool we are.

parents rule.

your fellow closet geek-a-freak (and i mean that in the coolest way possible),


Sarah said...

SOOOOOO happy for you!!!! In the deepest way!!!! And Avery...I love it!! Please let your mom keep this on!!

Karla Anne said...

I am (figuratively) jumping up and down with happiness for you, here in PA!

My kids will love seeing the video, so, please, please, please leave it on Avery!!

Kim said...

Avery your the bomb!

ethan said...

Avery,keep the video on!!That's a cool video,and everyone loves it!

tiffany said...

i'm so glad you got another one!!

Aunt Carol said...

Avery, the budding director,great job & you picked the perfect little actress!!!

Jenny said...

Avery. That is the best video I've seen, and it sounds something like the song I sang tonight to get my kids to eat their sweet potato fries.

Too bad I don't have a video of mine.


And, of course, YAY to mom and dad with the present!