Friday, October 3, 2008

it's been a busy week. this was a highlight.

The Art Music Justice tour came through town Tuesday night. I am fortunate enough to know one of the artists, Sandra McCracken. (By the way, kids, don't resist church camp! You might meet Jesus, have fun doing popsicle stick crafts and make life long friends...who can comp your tickets for really good shows!) No, really. Sandra is one of the few friends the only friend I have left from pre-junior high. And she happens to be one of my favorite musicians, too. Great voice. Beautiful song-writing. Seriously, if you haven't heard her music, you are missing out. Actually, she's on the playlist on the sidebar if you want to listen to her right now.

I love memory lane. Here are some old, old Jenna/Sandra memories:

-Watching Steel Magnolias in the theater and sobbing over Shelby

-Dancing to Debbie Gibson's "Electric Youth" and singing "Silence Speaks a Thousand Words" into a ballpoint pen. I have to admit that I think I still like that song.

-Flooding her bathroom because I put the curtain on the outside of the tub when I showered. I was so dang embarrassed. Have you ever done that?

-Gulping down orange Gatorade and eating Oreos (a near delicacy!) at her house.

-Sandra headlining our cabin's talent show offering by singing Amy Grant's "Fat Baby" (the rest of us were chorus singing "fat, fat, fat, fat, fat, fat, fat" or something like that)

-Going to her church youth group (Covenant Pres.) and feeling really out of place as if I'd never been to church before...the affect of public school on me, I think...

There are more. Sometimes the memories flood in as she's performing, and I get a little choked up. I'm sentimental and my heart is full. And it's a beautiful thing to watch someone doing their dream.

Major bonus? She comp'd a ticket for Molly, too! I can't express how much of an oasis this evening was for me in a week of sheer chaos. Thank you, Molly and Sandra!!!

Here we are. The three of us after the show on the tour bus. By the way, I highly recommend catching a show on the Art Music Justice tour and also Sandra's latest album, Red Balloon. Really, really good!!!


Dawn S. said...

You guys all had so much fun!! YAY!

1) yes. flooded the floor of an old lady we were staying with on choir tour to FL in college.

2) TOTALLY did the "Fat Little Baby" skit at a church retreat and wore feetie pajamas. I will try to show you the pic someday!

Karla Anne said...

I am so happy for you...and your friend!

She has a gorgeous voice.

Greta said...

Sounds like a breath of fresh air in a hectic week!
(By the way, great picture - y'all all look beautiful!)

I don't know that I ever flooded the bathroom but I do remember there was a long time where I didn't know if the curtain was supposed to go on the inside or the outside of the tub. You know, some curtains feel so much like fabric, it just seems a shame for them to get wet.

Sarah said...

This is such a sweet post've spoke of her for years!! This just wraps it up in a beautiful bow for me.

Anonymous said...

I can attest that yes, the concert was amazing, and that Sandra is super cool. I'm so glad to have met Jenna's childhood friend, and get to hang out with one of my favorite singer/songwriters. And I got to go on my first tour bus—who doesn't want to see the inside of one of those?!?!

And yes, I did flood the bathroom at one time, but I don't remember whose house I was at. At our house we had shower doors, so I had no idea how those shower curtain things worked and didn't have the problem solving skills at that age to figure it out. Oops!