Sunday, April 20, 2008

dinner conversation with Miles

Reflecting on the sermon and the concept of children living life with purpose and meaning even now (as opposed to waiting until they are grown-up), I asked this question to the boys:
"So, what happens when kids play video games all day long for their whole childhood?"
Miles didn't miss a beat, "They go to hell."
(Not what I was looking for!!! I was thinking more along the lines of "wasting time".)
Miles heard me ask Brent about my friend, Marty.
Miles: "I always think of someone fat, when I hear 'Marty', even though I know Marty is skinny like you, Mommy."
("skinny like you"? Thank you, Lord, for sons who say such things!!! Oh, and Marty is totally a skinny name...not fat at all.)


Tiffany said...

I'm laughing. Out loud. Again. The "hell" comment. That is so something Jeneva would say too. Where do they get that? FEAR!

Kim said...

I am loving your last several posts. But this one totally made me laugh. Thoughts on the PB& J post: Good for you for being willing to pick up a total stranger for church. The social worker in me is loving how you are spending time reaching out to the disenfranchised. BTW, I almost called you today to remind you to call me for my birthday :)