Monday, April 28, 2008

pop pop came to town!!!

Well, my Dad's been in town for a few days while my Mom is in Belize teaching a group of women down there. Poor guy! While she's in tropical climates, we've had snow flurries for three days! It's ridiculous. RIDICULOUS!!! Anyway, I picked him up from the airport and the first stop was Sam's where we picked up a new digital camera for yours truly. I'm so geeked. The one I had been using was borrowed from my brother-in-law. Yes. It is 2008. Yes. I'm under 32 (barely). And, yes. This is my first official digital camera. Laugh at me. Not with me. At Me.

I'm so not technically saavy, that I've -wait for it- NEVER BURNED A C.D. EVER BEFORE. My Dad just taught me how. My Dad just taught me how to back up my files to a flash drive. My Dad just taught me how to buy songs off of iTunes. My Dad is pretty much rocking my world right now.

Okay. I gotta go learn more stuff from my Dad while he's in town. Enjoy the new pictures!!!

*By the way, my Dad goes by Pop Pop with the grandkids. Is it a coincidence that the grandfather on Arrested Development goes by "Pop Pop" or is this divine providence?


Rachel said...

Hurray for Pop Pop!

I dig the close-up of Brent and you--perfect!

Anonymous said...

I also think the picture of you and Brent is very cool.

The bottom one with Jillian and Pop-Pop is really cute--it' looks like they're having a staring contest or a really serious conversation.

Also, Amy White told me today that you can get a good donut at "A Baker's Wife"--let's check it out sometime soon.

Neely said...

Gonna have to chime in for a thirdie and state that the pic of you and brent is a goodie.

so, let's come up with a caption for pop pop and jillian's picture...

"it's never to early to talk with kids about the dangers of smoking."

love ya sis.

Jim Renaud said...

There's ALWAYS money in the banana stand.

Tiffany said...

We have so much more in common than I ever realized.

Anonymous said...

The mere fact that you call it pop-pop just shows me that you're not ready for it.

keitha said...

LOVE the pics. made me so happy to see you today.