Tuesday, April 22, 2008

fire & brimstone in the van

I know that not everyone who reads these posts is a Christian. So, before I tell you this funny little memory, I want to be clear that we're not beating Bibles over here and scaring our children outta hell. But, they have learned about sin, and heaven and hell and so on...

So, a few years back, we were running errands on this super sticky hot summer day in St. Louis. As we were getting out of our minivan, Avery (4), Miles (2) and I (still in my 20s!!) were all in the wrong. It went something like this: Avery frustrated Miles, Miles hauled off on Avery, and I yelled at them both.

And then Avery said, "Miles is going to hell...well, I'm going to hell," and then he continued as he realized our plight, "We're all goin' to hell."

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Jim Renaud said...

...in a hand basket