Sunday, April 6, 2008

a post for long-distance grandparents

This includes ALL of them! They check this blog with hopes to see their grandchildren and instead get a dose of my randomness. Sorry, folks. So, Nana, Pop Pop, Grandma, and Gramps: This post is for you!

7 1/2 years of being a parent. Right there.

Avery's always making sure she's supported!

She's not satisfied merely crawling. She tries to get up on her feet.

Brent teaches Jillian air drums. But not in this picture. Just thought I'd let you know.

Loves to be up on her feet.

Looks like I'm on an invisible horse. Giddy up!
Momma can't take a good picture to save her life!


Kim said...

Look at all her cute little outfits. Isn't it SO fun to dress a little girl. Could your legs look any skinnier in that picture of you saddling up? BTW, I love the posts of your randomness. It is part of what makes you, you.

The Evans Family said...

Ummm... I love Jillian. Which reminds me. Saturday night, as I was giving her a bottle, she managed to loosen the top and poured about an ounce of it down the pictured cute little sweater, purple dress and (not pictured) my leg. :)

The last picture verifies my statement about her looking like you when she smiles. Though, I haven't ever seen you toothless, bald or smiling quite that big - her face does resemble her mother when she smiles.

Jim Renaud said...

Hope all is well with the family! Christie spit out another shortie. Check him out. He's good looking.

Kevin and Allison said...

YOur kiddos just keep getting more adorable all the time! I can't get over Jillian! What a cutie! Love ya and miss you!