Wednesday, April 23, 2008

wordy wednesday?

So, Jenny (my latte buddy) loves to do alliteration days such as "Wordless Wednesdays" and "Foody Fridays" and, though I'm quite certain she hasn't posted it yet, we might be seeing "Manic Mondays" soon. So, because I have many random thoughts, and feel really verbal, how does "Wordy Wednesday" work?

Restless Children

Are your kids acting out? Are they bored? Do they complain??? Then, GIVE them something to complain about: CHORES! Putting kids to work is one of the most effective ways to get them off my back! And, actually, after they've completed 50% of the work, they usually let a "This is FUN!" slip out!

Aves and Mi washed a TON
of dishes after our dishwasher
broke! Now we don't need to replace it!!!

And look at Miles scrub those windows!!
Saying Good-bye to an old Favorite
Yesterday, I squeezed Jillian into this dress one LAST time. This is my favorite outfit from this size. The pink sweater is from Aunt Carol. The dress is from my Mom. And the tights were a gift for Christa...which I KEPT for myself!! Her little girl wouldn't fit them this season anyway! (Christa, call me in the Fall and I'll hook you up!) Jillian has become VERY difficult to photograph. She's always on the move! But, I was desperate to get these pictures!!

Another Shameless Plug for an off-the-air t.v. show!

You've heard me mention the BEST t.v. series that ever existed. No. Not Lawrence Welk. I'm talking again about the beloved Arrested Development. When I saw Miles like this:

It made me think of this:

I think about 2 of you probably laughed. That's okay. The rest of you are missing out!

We are the Mayosaurus Family

I found this to be shocking. Pictured below is a GIANT jar of Mayo. When I bought it at Sam's, I wondered if it would expire before we'd have time to consume it. But--hoping it was actually a good deal--I went for it and bought gi-normo-mayo jar. And guess what? Apparently, we've consumed enough spinach dip, artichoke dip, ham and cheese sandwiches and chicken salad to deplete the monstro jar of Mayo. gross. I think we went through this thing in like a month and a half. Maybe not. But, it's time to get another. And next time, I'm putting the date we opened it on the container...just to see if our diet is truly that gross.


The Comic Gene

Last night, the first grade classes hosted a Parent Night at school. The kids performed puppet shows. I was told by a few parents that Avery is the "funniest kid in the class". I am shocked! I'm curious. I'm bragging!!! Seriously. The "funniest" kid? Not, the most serious? Not the most antagonistic? Okay. Your kid can be the most talented. Your kid can be the smartest. But, I'll take my kid with quick wit and good comic timing!!!

And this really makes me wonder. If Avery's comical side came out at school, what will Miles unveil? I mean, I think I know this guy pretty well. And, I thought HE was the joker?!!

Here are my deliciously delightful sons on the front steps of their Aunt Nee Nee and Uncle Steve's house. They live five doors down from the boys' school. Blessed. We are blessed!


I think I'm out of words for now. Actually, I'm not...I've typed, backspaced and retyped like five times...but, I'll just try to self-regulate and stop here.


Jenny said...

Wordy Wednesday WORKS! I love your posts like this!

In a slip of Freud, today, when Miles came over, I said to him, "Hey sweetie-punk!" And then burst out laughing. He looked at me like I was nutty. HAHA. It's got to stick. Isn't that just a fitting name for him??!!!

Kelly said...

Jenna I just want to thank you for making my thundering thursday a little brighter :) I love reading your posts! I wish you hadn't moved!

Anonymous said...

Orison calls my sister "Aunt Nee Nee." Her name is Janae, but when he was younger he couldn't say it, and Nee Nee is what came out. She loves it!

keitha said...

ok, you told me on the phone that she was cute in that outfit. I am screaming at those tights. Precious! LOVE THAT!!!! cutie tootie.

Joel said...

I'm deathly allergic to it.

Guess what? I'm reducing my caffeine intake. I started today. The picture of the latte machine on your blog site is giving me the shakes.

danielle said...

i am one of the 2 that laughed at the arrested development pics. very funny. i have an aunt nee nee too. weird.