Wednesday, April 30, 2008

i love my boys

I love them. I love to watch them move. I love to hear their thoughts. I love their snuggles. I love the way they stink when they come in from playing outside for only 10 minutes. I love to inform them that they will be so big one day that they will be able to pick me up. I love hearing them laugh. I'm ready for Summer days with them again when it's so hot and we can't think of what to eat for lunch, so we just have two or three popsicles each.


Jenny said...

Love this post, darlin'!

Hey call me when you eat one of those popsicle lunches!!!

Rachel said...

Ava just came in the kitchen and said, "Mama, why do Avery and Miles are no clue? Why do they have no clue a lot?"

"What, honey?"

"They say, 'no clue' a lot of times. Why do they always have no clue?"

Maybe, it's all the popsicles! :0

Rachel said...

Oh, and that picture is great! Is it from today?

Jenna said...

okay, i'm laughing at the "no clue" comment. it's miles who always answers people's "why" or "how" questions with "I have NO CLUE." Ava's so cute to be thinking about that!

And the picture is last summer just before I had Jillian. We haven't done swim trunks yet!! Hopefully soon!