Friday, June 27, 2008

how to leave a comment

I know that some of you have mastered this already. But, I have friends and family who struggle. Do not tease them (incessantly, anyway). So. Let's take it step by step.

1. Click on the little word, "Comments" at the bottom of the post. It might say "3 Comments" or "0 Comments" or whatever. Click on that.

2. A little window will pop up. If there are no comments yet, you will see a box in which you can type an incredibly witty or verbally affirming comment. (I also accept teasing!) If there have already been comments, then you'll have to scroll down a little until you get to that empty box.

3. After you've typed your comment, you'll see a funky display of letters that don't spell anything in particular. You'll need to type those in the box underneath. (This is so I don't get some robot generated messages in a different language linking to weird stuff on the internet. It's happened before.)

4. Next, you'll need to "Choose an Identity". I think it's easiest to choose "Anonymous". Just remember to sign your name at the bottom of your comment if you don't want to remain anonymous.

5. Lastly, click on "Publish your Comment".

6. And one more thing, if you want to send me a confidential message, you can click on the little envelope icon with an arrow on it. Fill out the blanks, write the message and click on "send email". Super simple.

See. You can do this.

And a word to people who read my blog who I don't know: I've linked to this post before, but I'll link to it again. Basically, please don't let yourself feel like a stalker. We might have never met. We might be old friends. We might be new friends. If you're ever compelled to comment, don't be bashful. I'm not going to think you're a freak. Rather, I'll like you, because you like me! (Man-o-man...somebody slap the narcissism out of me!)


Tiffany said...

Jenna~I woke up this morning to the thought of the bathroom post. Last night we hung out with some friends....I completely forgot....BOTH from the show me state. Great folks. I just had to put that in there to maybe redeem myself. :)

Okay, this post is great. I'm going to link it to mine. I have friends and family out of state who I know read my blog, but don't know how to comment! Maybe this will help you out, Mom! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenna,

Yeah! It finally worked! I can't believe I just learned how to leave a comment after a week of your masterpiece about ME featured on your blog! Sad! So sad! Your explanation helped! I had done it correctly each time with the exception of typing the funky letters in the box! I didn't realize that part was mandatory! Oops!

So, you can finally read a comment from me underneath my column (as I call it)! Sorry I'm so pathetic!! I have read it 100 x by the way and am so flattered to be featured! It took me so long to comment that I'm now being trumped by dirty toilets and Preperation H! That'll teach me to become more "blog literate"!! I hope this comment works - otherwise I'm going to go hang my self...



Bethany said...

You are a fun lady. I wander over here every once in awhile. I laughed pretty hard today when I read:
"please be a lamb and hit the lights on the way out."

Dawn S. said...

you are the best, girl!

Jenna said...

hey, bethany. i want to be invited to see your blog. i was telling kim that and then your comment reminded me! anyways...i tried to hit "email" in your profile, but the default email account that gets pulled up for me isn't my current account (won't even work)...and i don't know how to change it...blah, blah, blah...can you invite me through my profile? i'm a nerd. and you'll probably never read this...and i could have just emailed kim and she could have forwarded it to you and yet, i'll keep this hear as a testimony to how i waste time doing things the wrong way...

Jenna said...

"keep this hear?" i meant here. these kind of mistakes drive me crazy.

Bethany said...

Come on over!
e-mail me at brleeuw[at] and i will send you an invite. :)