Monday, June 2, 2008

Top Smells

We all enjoying baked bread and cookies. Many would say "fresh cut grass". Some even say they like gasoline. (Okay. That's me sometimes.) Here's what makes my nose happy:

1. Coffee. I love the smell of Coffeehouses. I love the smell of houses that brew coffee every day. I love the smell of freshly ground beans. Or just the beans. I like to be near someone who has a Starbucks or Caribou in their hands, because I enjoy the smell of coffee that much. I even like the stale church coffee smell.

2. My gas oven. I've had electric ovens my entire life until this home. This morning, the windows were open letting in a 60-something degree breeze. I turned on the stove to fry an egg, and that familiar smell of the McElroys kitchen came to mind. They were our neighbors when I was a kid. And they had a gas oven. I don't remember what their kitchen even looked like. But, when a breeze catches the natural gas of my oven and glides past my face, I can see Mrs. McElroys face sitting across from me in her kitchen. It's amazing.

3. Winds of the four seasons. Bonfires in Autumn. Pine in Winter. Sunscreen in the Summer. Lilacs in Spring.

4. an extent. A more recent memory provoked by a late spring swelter: Two years ago, we had all of our windows open while I stained the wood work in our dining room and living room. The air was warm and thick. The smell of Polyshades lingered with little motivation to escape. I was listening to pre-war gospel music. All I could think of was a glass of real lemonade. I don't know if I ever got it.

5. Baby's breath. Not the flower. An actual newborn baby's breath.

6. Packages from Joy. (Joy is next on the Fabulous Friend series. Really. I didn't give it up.) It's funny, because Joy is forever saying, "My house smells DISGUSTING!" But, it is SO not true. As soon as we open a package from Joy, the boys and I immediately bring the gift to our noses. Seriously. Isn't that funny? It's a combination of Glade Tropical Plug-ins and their laundry detergent. Oh it's delicious. (I know you're laughing, Joy! But, it's true.)

7. The melange of massage oils that greets you at the spa.

8. Pine-Sol. Original scent.

9. My Mom's perfume. Fracas.

10. My first grade teacher. I know this one might seem strange, but every now and then, I'll catch a whiff as someone walks by and immediately I'm thinking of Mrs. Heitman. And it sends me back to the good ol' days.

There's more, but that's my list for now. What's on your list???


Jenny said...

How about Dr Elena's oils?

Jenna said...

exactly!! tea tree, peppermint, tiger balm, lavender...

Sarah said...

My brother-in-law always said a newborn baby's breath smelled like blueberries. I don't know but I do have to agree...I love that smell. I love the way Will's hair smells throughout the day. Even after a good solid day of playing, it still smells like sunshine.