Thursday, June 5, 2008

I'm sick. My husband is my hero.

That's Brent. Mowing the lawn. With Jillian on his back.
I. love. him.
By the way, I commissioned Avery to take the pictures for the last two posts! My little photo journalist!!!


SARAH said...

THIS is so precious...I have tears. Brent, we need to think of a superhero name for you. I want to see Jillian's face in this picture. Was she playing with your hair? Jenna, how I wish I could bring you something...soup, Gatorade in a sippy cup, Apple Jacks...whatever sounds good to you....take Avery and Miles to all the cool places in Minnapplesauce until 11p.m. LOVE SARAH

Jenny said...

I'm so sorry you're sick, my dear. Can I seriously bring you something? What need you?

You're not puking, though, are you? kidding. sortof.

I need you to know that the word verification I'm entering to post this comment is "mutbrew".

Mutt brew. Only on Jenna's blog.

Anonymous said...

way to go, brent (as if you'd read this). :-)

keitha said...

hes the MAN!!!!!! I mean seriously - the MAN!!!!!

The Evans Family said...

I told Kevin about this picture, and he said, "There's a guy for ya. He can mow the lawn and babysit."

:) I love this photo!

danielle said...

your baby daddy is off da hook. (i learned that one from my slang flash cards)

Neely said...

Jenna: Look at this picture closely again... if you let your mind play tricks on you, it could almost be a picture of steve with samuel on his back. In fact, when steve saw the picture, he thought it was himself. Funny, no?

Jenna said...

Neely! I totally see what you're talking about. hilarious!