Thursday, December 4, 2008

beware of the Kirby salesman

He's not bad. He's just really, really convincing.

The Kirby vacuum sucked up this dust cake in a matter of moments.

Of course, I now would like to be the proud owner of a Kirby vacuum. But, friends, these dust bustin' Cadillacs is fo' high roll-uhz!!!


Greta said...

If I reimburse you for the shipping, would you be willing to mail that to me!?!?

Momma needs some extra dust cakes.

Sarah said...

I love the presentation of this dust cake...he was quite gifted in his pitch. I really am always amazed at how much really gets sucked up each week. Gross.

keitha said...

roll-uhz???? i am laughing so hard. its like you are sitting with me when i enunciate your posts. its like when you told my girls that they were uptown and you were downtown. oh please.

did you walk with the third leg as you typed out this post...jefferson style?

i am married to a black man and never hear this stuff!!!!

giggling internally so hard i am shaking. people in caribou right now think i am having a seizure.

Jenna said...

i'm sorry to inform you that if you don't have a kirby, you're not sucking that much up. oh, how i long for a kirby. i heart kirby's, yes, i do. i heart kirbys, how 'bout you?

i don't remember half of what i say. so, it's so funny for you to repeat the uptown/downtown thing back to me. it makes me laugh all over again.

Freckles said...

I have a KIRBY!!!
Yes, its a GREAT vacuum cleaner... but the thing is soooo heavy. Did you lift the thing? My mom has an Oreck and I would rather vacuum with hers... its like holding a feather.

But, the KIRBY does everything. I wear a little tool belt when I clean with my favorite Kirby attachments in it. That way I can easily switch from floors to furniture to trim in a quick switch.

I will count myself blessed to have one. But, if it hadn't been gifted to me, I would have NEVER bought one... way to heavy.

Love the photo BTW.

Did I tell you I am having a BOY!


Jenna said...

yes!!! and, now i know which holly!!! i figured with the freckles and all. but, i didn't know you were all crafty with making your own advent calendar. i'd love to see it!

and, i'm totally excited about your little boy. are you going to start a blog so i can see pictures??? it's very, very easy!

let me know when you're done with your kirby. i'll come pick it up.
just kidding!

Anonymous said...

You have two opportunities on your Kirby ambitions:
1. They CAN sell new all the way down to $700. Not cheap, but MUCH cheaper than you were likely told. (They make almost no $, so this is rare.
2. E-bay.
I bought Wendy a Kirby on E-bay a few years back...she pretended NOT to appreciate the cleaning power, I became the Kirby cleaner. I believe it was all a part of her plan.
Jim S. STL

Jenna said...

Hey, Jim, you high roller! I'm kidding!
So fun to hear from you! We miss you and your family!

I did look at Ebay after the salesman came. I think that would be our best bet. The thing is, we don't have THAT much carpet. In fact, we just have two hallways and a staircase. That's it.

But, there was SO much dirt in that little carpet...(sigh)