Tuesday, December 30, 2008

the conversation that ensued after a trip to the ER this afternoon (instead of going to marty's house)

Me: Hey, Marty! Sorry I didn't make it today.
Marty: Hey, Jenna. How are you?
Me: I have a sprained ankle. It was really more embarrassing than anything else. It was like, "Nice to meet you. Wait a minute while I biff on the ice with my baby on my hip and injure myself requiring your supervision over said baby and your fetching some ibuprofen for me and your in-home hospice care until my husband gets home from work."
Marty: [laughing and then remembering unwarranted guilty feelings] I went out on a fiber optic limb for you today. Made some calls to friends in your area. Just be expecting something to arrive tonight.
Me: [realizing that gifts = unwarranted guilty feelings] No, Marty. You don't need to feel badly. It's not your fault.
Marty: No, I had to (at the very least) order some pizzas for you as a guilt offering.
Me: Marty?! Did you order me some atonement pizza?
Marty: Yes. [very dryly] One extra-large atonement pizza.

and, scene!

So, yes, I slipped on that sneaky ice and sprained my ankle. I'll be on crutches when I'm up and on my computer when I'm down.
And, yes, I was just heading out the door to hang at the Button's house.
And, yes, I had just met someone five seconds before I went "thwack" on the ice. He is the father of the girl I was bringing to the Button's as a favor (oh, the irony!).
Oh. And if you were imagining my sons worried or slightly concerned about my welfare, I'll just leave you with this quote courtesy of Avery after our trip to the E.R.

"So, is it 100% that were not going to the Buttons?"



tiffany said...

um. you're the one that convinced me NOT to come bring you pizza in the snow storm. i wanted to. marty asked me to. did you call her and tell her that you convinced me not to? :) i'm suddenly feeling deep pangs of guilt.

Jenna said...

yes. i definitely had to postpone your and marty's cooperative kind gesture, as i didn't want you to have your very own sprained ankle (or worse) on my conscience. (and marty totally understands!!!) looking forward to seeing you sometime this week, tiff!!!

Allison Dillard said...

WHAT?!?!?!? Oh my goodness! I will have to talk to you this week- hang in there!


Jenny said...

Matt told me about your biff, and tonight I jumped on the computer to email you quick and see if you had a broken foot or what (!!), and I thought, "I better check the blog to see if she wrote about her ankle..." Sure enough. you didn't disappoint...

Bottom line is, I am SO sorry! How the heckenzie are you going to go ANYWHERE with Jillian???? Can I help you?! I MUST help you. And, can you drive? Is it your right foot? Oh, honey. Love ya. Chat soon.

Sarah said...

Oh Jenna...I'm so sorry....the visions in my head of what went on...Jilly furrowing those blessed eyebrows as she felt her mom fall...and avery...what close to the day. We really need to talk. Praying for you and wish i could help. LOVE SARAH

Karla Anne said...

I am so very sorry, Jenna.....

Lee Shelton IV said...

Q: What did the Calvinist say when she slipped and fell on the ice and sprained her ankle?
A: "Thank goodness that's over with!"

Sorry to hear of your downfall. Hope you're up and about soon.

Jenna said...

love the joke, lee!

Jenny, it's My Left Foot, which is coincidentally a movie with Daniel Day Lewis, who came up a lot in conversation last night. (Not that I expect you to come back to the comments section to find out which foot is injured)

Thanks for you sympathy, people. It's getting better already!!!