Saturday, December 27, 2008

while it's still fresh in my mind

Miles just shared with me a(nother) "Jet Father" story. It's been almost a year (if not more) since I've heard one. Here's the conversation, story included:

Miles: Three's when I started being afraid at night. Aaaand, three's when I started telling stories about my Jet Father.
Me: I haven't heard one of those in awhile. Got any Jet Father stories?
Miles: hm. (pause) yeah.

"There was an evil guy. And it was me, the evil guy and Avery. My Jet Father had a vegetable garden and it rained. So, it got really muddy. So. We took the mud and made a cannon and some mud balls. After a day, they dried and we blasted them at the bad guy. (He was a robber...that's what made him bad.) Also, we took the mud and wrote on his house: 'Bad boy, bad boy, whatchya gonna do 'cause they're after you.' We called the police. Then, the polices came and arrested him. After he was arrested, we made his house into our clubhouse. Oh! And I washed the mud off his house with a hose."

Me: Seriously?
Miles: Mommy, you know that my Jet Father isn't real, right?
Me: Yeah, I know.
Miles: Well, then, yes. In Jet Fatherland, 'seriously'.

Me: Good story, Mi. Thanks for telling me. Hey, Miles.
Miles: Yeah?
Me: I'm so glad you're not, like, my fifth child.
Miles: If I was your fifth child, I wouldn't even be born yet!
Me: I know. I'm so glad I've had you for six years already.

And then he hugs me.
The end.


Aubrey said...

I'm so glad you're getting these down... you could probably collect them over time and make some sweet retirement cash!

I'm only sorta kidding....

Anonymous said...

YAY! The Jet Fazer returns! Thanks for sharing and making me smile today.

tiffany said...

I love his imagination! That made me smile. Miles should write a comic strip.

Sarah said...

OOOOH...I love him. Love your little dialogue at the end!

Mandy said...

LOL I need to look back and find the original Jet Father stories. What is the story behind it? Too cute!

Carol said...

Miles is too cute, love that "bad boy, bad boy" line & him wanting to make sure you were on the same wavelength.Very fun!!

keitha said...

oh i cant wait to know him as a man. he is truly something special.

Karla Anne said...

What a creative little guy! Seriously. :)

P.S. Does he ever watch "Cops"?