Monday, December 8, 2008

pretty pretty fabric

Here's the easiest way for me to show my lovely customers some of the latest fabric options (for now). I registered with Etsy, but won't start listing until 2009. I don't think I could honestly add an Etsy store to my plate right now.

Also...back to fabrics...keep in mind the others I've shown are available, too.

I put a quarter on each fabric to help you see the size of the pattern.

I want to note that these patterns (below) are large. See that itty bitty quarter? Yeah. I'm learning. Next time, I'll make sure the quarter is the same size in each picture.


Greta said...

Are some, or all of those, Amy Butler? I sure do love me some Amy Butler fabric!

Freckles said...

Just curious if you can still see your baby when the cover up is on? I have absolutely no experience breast-feeding and hope when my little one comes (due in April) everything will work out... but will he still see me and I him when I wear one?

My mom thinks I should get a hooter hider, but I told her that I was "going to just whip the Ta-Ta out whenever/wherever need be and if anyone is offended then they need to educate themselves on the benefits of breast feeding." But then today I realized how uncomfortable it would be for my dad to see my nipple! Awkward for me to. Now I am thinking that I may need one...

Yee-haw to breast feeding!

Holly (in St. Louis)