Wednesday, December 3, 2008

christmas shopping

I haven't gone. I haven't bought one thing yet. I haven't even assessed who's on the Christmas gift list.

Where are you with this? On top of your game? Half way there? Finished in October?

I'm just wondering if I am the only procrastinator....

By the way, thanks for the comments about caroling. I really thought caroling was dead...and that perhaps I'd fabricated the memories. It's still half-alive, huh? You carolers are all welcome at my doorstep!!! I'll even give you some apple cider if you give me a heads up!


Jessica said...

I did all of my Christmas shopping yesterday! I needed a break from studying and wanted to go buy something, so I figured it was a good opportunity to get something accomplished! I got everything done and ended up spending less than half of what I'd braced for!

I think I was a little early, though, because the mall wasn't too busy, and I really like that holiday hubbub... :)

Good luck on your shopping!

Sarah said...

The sales just get better, my friend. I know...the list stresses me out too...that's 75% of the battle for me....and gee whiz...the word verification is "affuc." I'm totally offended.
I think I might just type it how it sounds so they give me new one.

Karla Anne said...

My husband is like you, Jenna. He figures there are excellent last minute sales, too. :)

I do a little at a time, starting after Ethan's b-day (October). I get overwhelmed very easily, so it's best for my sanity to do it that way. I guess I am about halfway there....

Jenna said...

and there are last minute sales!!!

i have to admit, that i've come to love the term "door buster sale". you know it's good! and at one of my local grocery stores, they have "price shocker" tags. wow. you KNOW you're getting a deal.

but, WHAT am I supposed to get these people? And WHO is on the list? It's different every year.

This year, the adults are not exchanging gifts. And BRENT. Who does he need to give gifts to? What's appropriate? Oh, man. I'm going to take a shower and forget about it for another day.

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

I've been done...internet shopper and we only buy for kids.

I dont know what is up with my blog....I am in a state of "hello I have no time and I am adrenal fatigued". I feel like i have to post pics and pressure and make people laugh and more pressure and then nervous breakdown ensues.

I have so much to offer (yeah right) and so many yummy delectables that have gone unposted.

I thought I would only post food....that worked for almost a year but then I had other things to say...I didn't write them down so they are gone lost in my empty abyss of a mind.

The pictures, the much to do and so little time. I am not very well organized. I am one of those carefree stay at home types that traipses to yoga several times a week.....goes to fresh market to prepare gourmet meals as a you can see it much interferes with my time management issues regarding my ghetto blog....which is extremely ghetto and I dont' live in da'hood if you know what I mean.

Perhaps I will try and make scant appearances......for the all of 6 people who read it hahahahah.

Thanks for stopping by anyway and I hope that you don't need a lifetimem of sprititual and mental healing after this experience and you can always take the cheaper and shorter route and pop a valium with a vodka gimlet chaser.

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

My cousin Molly probably cringes everytime I make a post on her blog. Her friends then inadvertantly click on my name in curiosity, which brings them to my blog which has a dysfunctional influence. She thought when she moved to Minneapolis that she left the rift raft behind........we found her anyway. Kind of like Cousin Eddie in A Christmas Vacation. But you can replace the beat up motorhome with a bmw for me.

The Parnells said...

Hey Jenna,
I discovered your blog through your funny comments on molly and abraham's blog.

I haven't bought a single thing for Christmas. Mainly because I would want to give it as soon as I wrapped it. So, I have to procrastinate. If not, no one would have anything to open on Christmas. Or at least that is how I justify my procrastination.

Freckles said...

I haven't bought one thing... and I am pretty sure I won't be buying anything. I gave up on the whole Christmas shopping thing two years ago. It sounds baa-humbug.... but I promise I am no scrooge (sp?). We make a homemade advent calendar from materials we have around the house (paper, wire, markers). Its a special event every night to have our chocolates. Then, we spend extra time with our loved ones, stress free! I am sure when our little one comes along we will be shopping again. But we are taking advantage of the break while we can... Keeping it simple will always be my motto. I read about a guy who gave nice shears to everyone in his family every year. This woman was so happy to have excellent scissors in every room in her house. I am going to be like that guy when I start shopping again.

Freckles said...

BTW, Its Me! Holly... I usually go by Freckles when I am online. Its my first time writting in on a blog site! Quite fun!

Jenna said...

wait! which holly? i have a lot of hollys...hollies...oh goodness. email me and let me know! in any case, i love comments! thanks for letting me know your tradition!

Kathy said...

Jenna, I am THE procrastinator of all procrastinators! I won't start shopping for another couple weeks. I get it done best when the pressure is on! LOVE your blog by the way. I pop by frequently, but this is the first time I think I've gotten up the nerve to comment. You are very funny, and I love your pictures and videos. Have a great Christmas!


Andrea said...

I'm way behind the curve on this one. Just as I was loading up the Land's End shopping cart online my hubby informed me that we left all our money in China last month for our adoption. Homemade Christmas present ideas anyone?

Jenna said...

So fun to have new commenters! Welcome Kathy and Andrea!

Kathy, I don't feel funny, so thanks!

Andrea, if everyone on your Christmas list is breastfeeding, I've got just the thing!!! I'm kidding, of course! And, I'm assuming you saw the nursing covers... But, you ask a really good question! What's the best homemade gift you've ever gotten or received...hmmm...I'll post that tomorrow!