Friday, January 9, 2009

a blog on the side

i started a sewing blog. so. i'll put all my crafty stuff over there and stop buggin' you non-crafting, fabric haters.

it started as an easy way to show a customer a cover-up. and it blossomed into this. (about an hour ago.) i imagine many of the post titles will be like, "yeah, ingrid, i thought you might like these" or something like that.

hey, if you go over there, feel free to give me a suggestion for a blog title. i just couldn't come up with anything catchy.


Leys said...

ohhhhhhhh.. I am excited! :o) Hoppin' on over now.

Leys said...

Hmm.. "The Bible Tells me Sew"? :o)

Oh, would you ever be up to helping me pick out some fabric for Avery's quilt.. I am not gifted in picking patterns as you. I just get overwhelmed when I head to quilt shops and fabric stores..(usually when I have 3 children in tow.. but usually without too)

Anonymous said...

Jennaral Assembly...of fabric

Jenna said...

that's cute!! especially with my background of growing up in the PCA. the visual aesthetic of the word "jennaral" is not doing it for me though.