Wednesday, January 14, 2009

playing favorites

i'll be honest. i think i like my other blog better right now.

no raw emotions.
no drama.
no (self-imposed) pressure.
no need to remember a funny story accurately.

just pretty fabrics, spools of thread, crafti-deliciousness...ah....

it's like a new friendship. no expectations. just discovery.


Laurie said...

There is something very comfortable, comforting and unassuming about fabrics designed to please.
I'm slowly learning I cannot always define or meet the expectations I place on myself much less define or meet the perceived expectations of others. I do like discovery but have you noticed how quickly expectations try to crowd in? Three cheers for
More discovery!
Less expectation!

Yes, I like your new blog and when you need this one again it will be here (like a faithful friend?).

Jenna said...

Great points, Laurie!

Expectations crowd in, too quickly, yes! And also, that blasted insecurity!!!