Thursday, January 8, 2009

me and the boys talkin'

Me: Y'know, you two are very different, but...

Miles: I KNOW we're different. Avery could hit a ball over the house when he was three. And I don't even think I could hit one over the house NOW?!

Me: Yeee-ah. That's probably right, Miles. Avery's always been into...

Avery: Sports!

Me: Yep. Never did like art or drawing. All little kids make scribbles when they are little, but a lot of kids would show you their scribble and say, "Look, it's me 'n Gramps at McDonalds." But, when I asked Avery to tell me about his picture, he just looked at it and said, "I know don't know...lines and dots."

Avery laughs, amazed at his candor: Really??

Me: Yes, really.


Laurie Lynn said...

That is one of the sweetest things I've read in a long time! I'm serious!
(I linked here from 22 Words)

Greta said...

Me 'n Gramps at McDonalds, huh? Descriptive.

I can't wait until Sam's old enough to have funny, endearing conversations like that. Good times.

Karla Anne said...

I love your stories about Avery and Miles, Jenna. I almost feel like I know them a bit!

Maybe I will meet them someday...:)