Thursday, January 22, 2009

just in case you didn't read it in the comments

I love embarrassing stories. Even if I'm the victim. So, following Abraham's "mommy" story, I shared mine.

(here it is, copy & pasted from the comments).

In college, when Brent and I were just friends and called each other 50 times a day, he called and used a falsetto voice. Completely thrown off, I said, "Mommy??".

It still embarrasses me 12 years, a wedding ring and three kids later...

And it still makes me laugh.


Anonymous said...

this just made my day, haha.

thanks! :-)

Greta said...

Well told and you make me laugh. Thanks - much needed right now!

Sarah said...

Just as funny as when I read it in the comments....your husband is so stinkin' funny.

Jenny said...

That's. hysterical. Thanks for sharing, I have a sleeping kid next to me or else I'd LOL.