Saturday, January 10, 2009

nothing says "i love you" like a meatloaf. no, really.

After the sprain, I know some of my out-of-town friends felt badly they couldn't do anything to help. But may your hearts be warmed by the fact that not only did Molly and Abraham hook me up with this fine personalized meatloaf (really, you two should publish this recipe and challenge any non-meatloaf eaters to try it!!! it was delish!). Josh and Sara brought a pan of their fabulous mostacolli and bread. And Marty did indeed have our friend, Tiffany, deliver a full-to-the-brim bag of Trader Joe's goodies. I might be forgetting some other kindness that came my way, but the point is that I was taken care of. God is good.

(Now, I hope this is the last time I mention the ankle, because even though I'm not trying to, I feel like I'm milking it somehow!!)

oh. side note/question: Is it a St. Louis thing to pronounce mostacolli something like musk-uh-cho-ly??? I'm trying to figure out if I have a legitimate roots to my mispronunciation.


Foster said...

You are correct - it is the St. Louis pronunciation. Say it loud and say it proud! Just like Highway 4arty!

Miss you much,
Foster Family

Jenna said...


We miss you, too!! We think about always. We were saying some toddler phrase the other day and Brent said, was that from Miles or Avery. And I said, no! that was from Caroline!! Still love her story about the mean cat at the barn. "He wah noh happy." We still say it all the time!

HOlly said...

Opps! I forgot to write my comment in the last one.

I had no idea there was another way to pronounce mostacolli... muskacholy is the only way I have known it or heard it... Speaking off which, I was just down "On the Hill" today eating some fine italian food.


Sarah said...

Oh Holly is killin' me talkin' about The Hill....and yes you talk about it like it's a country/land of it's own...give it respect..AWESOME..

Molly and Abraham are so sweet....that meatloaf is such wonderful expression of care and concern. So the message in ketchup.

Muskacholy...I love muskacholy. Mostaccoli...a little dull. Muskacholy...AMAZING. I use to love watching one of my co-workers say "muskacholy" with her lisp. And the highway..."farty far" it...muskacholy and farty far...I miss that place!!!

Karla Anne said...

What kind friends you have, Jenna!

Maybe Molly will post the meatloaf recipe???? (There are a couple of people in my house that need to be convinced meatloaf is good. :))

The Parnells said...

oh my...the personalized meatloaf is too cute!

as to mostacolli, I have never even heard of it. i guess if it is not a casserole of something us southerns are clueless!

I hope your foot is feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love "muskacholi!" I've never known it as anything else. I can't imagine it being called by any other name. I'm glad you're still clinging to your roots, Jenna.

And the beloved farty is under construction still. In about a year, it will officially be I-64. But unofficially still hwy. farty.

I call it "forty," like "more-ty." (Also, corn, Lord, LORI, fork...) Mom said my friends changed it, and has since gotten out of the habit of saying farty. My dad still does though.

But it will always be muskacholi!

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way, I'm thankful God has blessed you with so many great Minneapolis friends.


Mandy said...

are you from St. Louis? That is where we are hoping to move in the next few months!