Thursday, January 15, 2009

when do kids transition from saying "mommy" to saying "mom"???

Me: Miles, since when did you start calling me "Mom"? You're too young to be calling me "Mom".

Miles: I like calling you "Mom". I'm too old to call you "Mommy", I think.

Me: No you're not. You're a Kindergartner, for pete's sake. Avery didn't start calling me "Mom" until about two seconds ago. I like being called "Mommy".

Miles: I like calling you "Mom".

Me: You might like it, but I don't think it feels right.

Avery: Me neither.

Miles: Me neither...but I like it.


Abraham said...

My mom nipped "mom" in the bud with a few early corrections and to this day she is still "mommy" to most of us.

Though I do relate to your sons. I remember seeing my mom at school one day in 5th grade and yelling "Mommy!" across the parking lot. Embarrassing.

I usually call her "Mother" now because of that scar, but "mommy" is definitely still the nomenclature of choice for most of the Piper children.

Jenna said... did she do it? I've considered refusing to respond until I hear "Mommy".

I also have an embarrassing story. In college, when Brent and I were just friends and called each other 50 times a day, he called and used a falsetto voice. Completely thrown off, I said, "Mommy??".

It still embarrasses me 12 years, a wedding ring and three kids later...

Karla Anne said...

My oldest is a pre-teen. I am DEFinitely not "mommy" anymore. I guess I'm not called that by my eight-year-old, either. Sad...

Your story (in the comments) is too funny!

Sarah said...

Your story about Brent just about knocked me off my chair...side is hurting.

Ever since Gavin was a year old and would say "MOM" from the car seat and look away with a smirk on his face (as if I didn't know it was him)...totally playing games with me in the rearview mirror...I've been stuck on "MOM." And the fact that Maryn only says "Mommy" when she is whining is a big turn off.

I love Miles' last statement..."but I like it." He is soooo cute.

Kathy said...

I'm still mommy to my 9 and 11 year old, but a lot of times, I'm Momma, or even Mummy, which is what I called my mom, and I love it! Sounds a bit Canadian/English, which we have in us! THERE...I finally commented! I've been reading your blog for ages, and have never gotten up the nerve to say anything! Sorry :)

Tara said...

But I've noticed that Abraham's mommy always refers to herself as "Mom" when she comments on his blog, unless that's someone else's mother trying to fool us all.

Annie said...

I'm 24 and I still call sometimes call my parents Mommy and Daddy. Maybe that's because that's what my Mom still calls her parents.

JPB said...

just friends and called each other 50 times a day,

Called each other 50 times a day???? Like to get Brent's take on that "just friends"... :-)