Friday, January 16, 2009

oh, the irony

I just wrote a post entitled something like, "The ridiculousness of pride as seen in my list of things I've been prideful about."

And then (obviously) I wrote this list of things that have generated some amount of pride. And they are ridiculous, really.

But, I was (am?) too afraid to post it for fear (pride) you won't like me anymore...because it is so ridiculous to be prideful about things...such as "having kids who eat spinach"...and such...

asinine, really.

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Laurie Lynn said...

Are you proud about not posting your proud post?!
I like to say in jest sometimes, "I'm really proud that I'm not prideful." Honestly, it sure has become easier to recognize my pride as I've been humbled by things I'd been proud about. Pride is definitely humbling. Ironic and humbling.
And just let me say, I am proud of your kids for eating spinach!